Friday, September 11, 2015

FO: Gift Hats

So one of the big events that kind of ended my summer was my brother's surprise Fiesta Engagement Party last weekend!
It was a ton of fun, and we had about 70 people show up to wish my brother and his betrothed their well wishes.  My dad flew up from Florida for the festivities, a keg was tapped, tequila was passed around, and eventually...
a conga line was set up.  
My family is kind of amazing at partying- festivities went on well into the night.
Another cool thing that happened?
I was asked to be a Bridesmaid in the wedding!  SOOOOO excited!  I'm kind of a professional bridesmaid by now.  I can bridesmaid the crap out of a wedding. :)
The next day, despite some headaches, the partying continued on the golf course!
I don't golf.  I feel like I've explained this before.  Me golfing is like a two-year-old who's had too many juice boxes swinging a pinata stick around their head.  It just doesn't work.  
So what do I do instead?
Hang out on the golf cart and get in 4 hours of quality knitting time!
18 holes of golf means that I started and finished an entire hat- the second of two gift hats I knit for people over the last couple of weeks!  Really happy to get these done, because Christmas knitting is beginning to loom...
Pattern: Turn-a-Square by Jared Flood
Yarn: Leftover Cascade 220 in a forest green and a dark blue (the tags are long gone) and Noro in Worsted.  I'm not actually sure what kind- Maeby may have run off with the tag...
Timeframe: August 25-September 6 for both hats!  Woowoo!
Worst Part: None.
Best Part: Knowing that I have this pattern MEMORIZED, since I've knit this hat so many times... uffda! 
Onward to a barter knit, and some knits for myself to wear as the weather begins to turn!

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