Saturday, December 6, 2014

Back from a Break!

After posting about the Deer Vest, I decided to take a little hiatus from the internet.  Between the end of the semester nearing (and grading ramping up), choreographing in the days and teaching dance several nights a week, and an upcoming move (which I'll get into in a moment), I needed to just take a break.  I hope you all understand. :)
Even now, I'm completely ignoring the pile of papers to grade that I should have handed back to my students last week.  The only reason I get a pass is because it was just conference week, and the students were stressed out enough about meeting with me to pitch their last paper that every last one of them conveniently forgot that I have yet to hand these back.

End-of-semester time is just as bad for teachers as it is for students, especially when it's the holiday season.  This semester seems especially difficult- I've had a surprisingly high number of frantic students that need extra credit, want to make up tests and papers, and are questioning their grade online vs. their "real" grade.

I really do love being a teacher, but from Thanksgiving onward, it's a 10-hours-a-day 7-day-a-week job between grading, planning, students, and more grading.  This week is our last full week of classes, then the amazing fun of finals week begins!  I'm hoping that this year, there will be no tears or students swearing under their breath during the test.
Besides school being crazy, to make this year extra fun, Scott and I took the leap and decided to change our address before January first.
Yep, we're moving across town and into a real house!
We're not buying (yet), mainly because my teacher salary can't afford it and Scott's probably heading back for a Master's degree in the fall, but also because buying a house feels a little more permanent.  We still talk about the possibility of taking a full year off from jobs (after saving like crazy) to live out of a van and travel from climbing place to climbing place.

(Photo courtesy of Gear Junkie of a converted van- the climber home of choice!)
Both of us still want to do it while we're kid-free and young, and that would be the kind of trip that we would never regret taking.  I know of a lot of people that say, "some day" when it comes to ideas like this, but I would love to just take the plunge and DO IT.  Luckily, I'm with a fairly like-minded guy!  :)
Back to the moving- while I finish up finals, I have to help pack up our household and move it across town.  Our new landlord is marrying one of my best friends, so we're slowly moving our stuff over there in the next couple of weeks.  Right before Christmas (and after all the grading), we'll probably do the last few things in the "big day" move, so when we come back from spending Christmas with Scott's family, we'll have the new place ready to go!
Hopefully. :)
The knitting has mildly been at a standstill, but hopefully I'll get progress updates on here.  I'm hoping also to post a list (yes, like everyone else) of What to Get Your Climbing/Outdoor Friend for your Holiday of Choice, as well as our incredibly awesome Christmas card.  Yes, the cats are involved.  Yes, they're going to be dressed up.  Yes, I do expect them to murder me in my sleep some day from all the abuse I've put them through.

Maeby loves that she got to wear her Christmas sweater from last year!
Hahaha... aaaah too much fun. :)

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