Thursday, October 23, 2014

Onward Moves Onward

Last year I brought a couple of things with for my trip knitting, and ended up getting only one hat knit from start to finish and 16 hours of an eternity scarf done.  Not bad, not bad.  This year, I chose to concentrate my trip knitting on one objective: getting as far as possible on the Onward Shawl.
This pattern has a 4-part directional arrow repeat pattern, and the arrows are then repeated 6 total times for the complete shawl.

Before I left for my trip, I had the first two sets of arrows done.  The pattern was a perfect choice for the road trip: just interesting enough to not be too monotonous, but mindless enough that I could chat with my friends while knitting.

(The shawl was excited to reach Kentucky!)
I didn't knit much at all while we were there, but I knit pretty much the entire car ride.

Total car time this year was about 28 hours, which allowed me to finish up to the fifth repeat of the arrows.  Boo-yah!

With only one repeat of the arrows left, this project is totally attainable for a Christmas goal.  Hell, it could be done by Thanksgiving if I wanted.  But...
I mean, I have an entire extra skein of this yarn.  And look how much is left for only one repeat!  Technically, it wouldn't hurt to do 7 repeats.  In fact, it might be even prettier if it were bigger.  Harder to block, yes, but super gorgeous.  It's pretty big right now, but it would just look so much fuller if it had two more repeats.

...right? :)
I might have to calculate how much time the rest of the Christmas knitting will take before I decide to knit extra.  And hope that my circular needles are big enough to hold that many stitches on the repeat.
When I decide to knit extra.
How much more time could one extra repeat take?

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