Thursday, May 15, 2014

2013-2014 School Year? CHECK!

After hours sitting and marking and standing up to do jumping jacks and stapling grade sheets...

I'm DONE, folks!! :)
No more grading for the 2013-2014 school year- HUZZAH and OOOOH YEEEEEEAH!!! :)
It feels so good to have the hard part done!
I headed up to my office yesterday to do some paperwork, meet with students, and start cleaning my office space.

One of my office-mates is the yoga instructor, and it turns out the printer went a little crazy printing off the yoga-pose final for her class.  This means she had a little bit of fun with the rest of us- three desk areas, including mine, were completely papered with the extra exams when we got to work yesterday.
This is the community college version of "Teachers Gone Wild".  Or what happens when teachers spend too much time at their desks grading and hitting their heads against the wall... :)
To celebrate finishing my grading, I went to town last night on the giraffe!

We've spent a lot of time together now.  I've fondly started to call him "Gerald", just so I have a name to grumble when my needle gets stuck on his head again ("D*^#$t, Gerald!").  I'm finally finished with all the limbs, and I've started on the ears.  I have two days to finish the rest of this beast, and I'm determined to get 'er done.
Head down, keep going.  It'll happen.
Ahem.  Frankly, it has to.  Special showing is Saturday starting at 4.
Deadline. :)


nancy88 said...

You can technically knit from 4-6:59 at rehearsal, right? :)

Katie said...

Of course! :) This is why I always carry knitting with me... EVERYWHERE :)