Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Bike!

Coming back from a trip- no matter how short or long- always feels a little jarring.  I go from not caring terribly about a variety in my diet, eating the same Clif bars every day, and not minding being constantly dirty, to making lists, craving greens for lunch and dinner, and changing my clothes every day. :) 
Coming back from this particular trip was very exciting for me for a big reason- I (finally) got a beautiful new commuter bike to ride around Duluth on!
I've been riding hand-me-down bikes for a very long time.  The only good mountain bike I've ever owned was stolen in the dead of night a few years ago (in the middle of January, no less), and since then I've been nervous about getting a nice bike that's possibly too nice to leave around while running errands. 
The let-down for that is that I'm riding not-great bikes.  My current road bike has 4 gears on a good day, no real granny gears, one front brake, and no real shocks.  Today, after 2 years of riding this bike around the Duluth hills, I finally used some money I saved up over the year to get my first "real" bike. :)
It's light, has plenty of gears, has fancy brakes, and biking uphill to my house felt good, for the first time in a long while!  I'm really psyched to use this not only for commuting, but for long bike rides with Scott to work out a bit!
We're going to hopefully get outside climbing in the next couple of days here, which will be good- our gear is still spread in piles and packs around the apartment, waiting to be sorted.  When we use it all this much, we usually just keep it all close by and in bins and packs, adding and taking out gear as needed.  It's a little messy, but we're on the go enough to work with it like this. :)
Last night saw Scott and I watching The Bourne Supremacy while I worked even more on my Spring Affection shawl.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this shawl, and I really want to get this done within the next week or so.  Too many project to work on for other people! :) 
Off to run errands- this time on my brand new bike. ;)

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Mark said...

Bicycling Duluth with only 1 of 2 brakes working is far riskier than climbing a 5.12 at Sigma. Good to see 4 brake pads on the new bike.