Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Old Blog New Blog

So this past few months I've been trying a new style of writing on this blog.  I've really enjoyed writing, but sometimes I miss updating just on climbing adventures or knitting updates.  So, for 2012, I've decided to keep two separate blogs.  I'll keep Knit One, Read One, Climb On for all regular life updates, pictures, knitting, etc.  I will be starting a new blog for creative writing within the next couple of days here, and post a link to it when I get it up and running (and figure out a name for it).  That way I have an outlet for writing and fiddling with different writing styles, but also keep a regular blog for family and friends to read (not to mention fellow knitters!).

Thanks for keeping with me as I figure this out over the last few months.  I'll be doing Christmas knitting updates now that most of the presents have been distributed, and more daily updates alongside of the creative writing blog.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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Cole said...

Merry Christmas to you Katie!