Monday, July 4, 2011

Driving, Driving, and more driving...

It's been a pretty crazy last couple of days. Lots and lots of driving across Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and now into Nevada before finally hitting California hopefully sometime tonight. After some time in Mound with my parents, S and I headed off across the plains, making the necessary stop at Wall Drug in South Dakota before stopping in Rapid City for the night. Along the way, we got to drive through some awesome prairie storms:
check out the lightning striking the ground next to S!
I had a little project to get in with my sock yarn for S's glass iodine bottle (used to purify water) so it would have a better chance of not breaking:
before working on my Yosemite Fruit Loop socks both in the car and at the campsite:
and we stopped off at Independence Rock in Wyoming for some fourth class scrambling in 90 degree heat (and in a sundress for me!)
while looking for Oregon Trail grave sites where people died of dysentery or broken arms or fording the river instead of floating on it... ;)
This morning we got IHOP Cinnatastic french toast outside of Salt Lake City (which I was extremely excited for, as you can see) before driving across all of Utah and into Nevada.
It's been a super long drive so far, but tonight we'll be pulling in to Yosemite National Park and hopefully start actually climbing TOMORROW!! I'm SUPER psyched, and especially can't wait after being cooped in a car for so long!


Brandon said...

AWESOME! Hope you and "S" are having a good time.

Tyler said...

hows Abe running? did you manage to get all the gear in no problem? keep us updated!